Light today is one of the most basic needs of a person after food, clean water and shelter to become self-reliant and for empowerment. It becomes the basic requirement for education and also provides light during dark hours which can be utilsed to create growth opportunities for people by giving them additional time to engage in income generating live hoods like handicrafts, pottery, etc.

Security and Safety is another area which is a key concern which the ECCODIVA addresses.

BISQUARE collaborated with LEMON DESIGN, a Strategic Branding and Multi-Disciplinary Design Company which developed the Brand and Communication Strategy.

Lemon helped articulate the Brands vision, key personality and the positioning for various stakeholders and consumer segments. The Multi-Disciplinary approach provided helpful insights into consumer behaviour and the key communication and design objectives to go to Market with.

The name “ECCO” is inspired from the word “Eco” but reflects the ethos of the convergence of Ecology, Economics and the Ecosystem.

Our Inspiration Of Design


ECCO, inspired from “Eco” reflects the convergence of Ecology, Economics and Ecosystem.

Diva is inspired from the “Diya” , a symbol of energy used by Indian families as a tribute to God.


The form of the light has been inspired by the simplicity of a box. The ECCOProducts are box shape which has a handle carved into it and is made up of 2 separate parts which can be re-configured to perform various functions.


With each element inspired from the Indian Culture, the air-vents also take the form of a “Tilak” – a decoration which adorns Indian Deities on the forehead.

On the other hand the vents reveal the “Brand Identity” of ECCO since they are on the curved edges of the product.


The square form of the product makes it a compact solution for transportation, thereby, contributing to logistic efficiency and thus an energy efficient product. The flat surface of the shape also allows it to be placed on various surfaces depending on the light requirements.


The primary colour of the ECCODiva is “Chorophyll”, which is a vibrant Green, symbolic of a GREEN Product, a GREEN FUTURE and wealth, happiness and prosperity and simultaneously provides an alternative to other neutral colours of Grey, White and Black.


The primary design Idea for the ECCODIVA was to provide a single product solution for the several requirements of light which people need for different uses. We deliberately moved away from the 360 degree conventional lantern design.



We believe that the best technology should be available not only to the affluent strata who have the opportunity, but should be used to develop highly efficient solutions and products for the seldom-addressed 'bottom of the pyramid'.

Energy efficiency needs to be addressed with a completely different approach. Centralized Power generation units have an inherent disadvantage due to distribution losses, which amounts to a great deal by the time it reaches the user's doorstep. To ensure that our end user is delivered the best value, it is important that every consumer can produce his own energy more efficiently, save cost and consume energy anytime, anywhere required.

One of the key advantages of the ECCODIVA’s electronics is the fact that it is much

more energy-efficient than most other lamps in the world. The Patent applied for Micro-Controller based electronics which allows users to charge the light from an option of Mains Grid based Power supply, Solar Panels and other Human Powered charging sources.

Another unique feature of the electronics is that it allows the lamp to be charged from anywhere between 70V to 220V, since in India and many other developing countries Main Grid based Power supply is un-reliable.

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Awards and Recognitions-Indian Design Mark 2012 granted by Indian Design Council, CII Design Excellence Award 2012, IREDA (Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Ltd.) appreciated ECCO for innovative product design and indigenous technology, Recognized by The World Bank and International Finance Corporation as the best solar light

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